By the flames

 I was working on a 5hp Briggs engine. I was wondering if the engine was getting spark and boy did I find out it was,lol.
The fire started at or near the carburetor which sits directly under the gas tank I had recently filled. 
My B/C fire extinguisher was at my shed/shop which was about 100ft or so away, so I called 911 not knowing if the fuel tank was going to blow up before I could get back to put the fire out.
After I had given the 911 Operator all the details he needed, about the same time, I hit the fire with a few blasts of my fire extinguisher and told the operator, "It's out. The fire is out".
Except for a decal getting singed, there doesn't appear to be any damage. I'll find out for sure after I pressure wash all the fire retardant,